Mortification through the Novus Ordo Mass
(12-28-2019, 11:24 PM)LionHippo Wrote: Surely you can tell the difference between a Black Mass and an Ordinary Form Mass, or the presence of Christ at Mass as compared to a hypothetical "bread aisle" example.  The most conspicuous difference being that Christ's Church gave us the Ordinary Form Mass.

That's not the point. If it were only about Christ's presence, any of those examples are just as good. So there must be something more than just validity. I'd agree the new Mass is better than those, but it's still inferior to the traditional Mass.

(12-28-2019, 11:24 PM)LionHippo Wrote: The Latin Mass is not immune to error.  The priest could jumble the words of any part of the Mass and it's most likely that nobody would notice.

I'd call that a feature, not a bug. If the priest says the wrong words and people don't notice, it can't bother them. But at the new Mass, where everything's said out loud, they'll definitely notice, and it can be distracting. If the priest does it regularly, it shows contempt for the Church and the liturgy, and, ultimately, God.

But additions are far more distracting, and centred on man, than any accidental omission. I've been to a Mass where the priest accidentally omitted the Last Gospel, since he wasn't used to saying the old Mass and was filling in for another priest. He's human - it happens - and he apologised for it when he said Mass again for us. But at almost every new Mass I've been to, the priest directly addresses the people about all sorts of things. Does he really need to tell us at the beginning of the Mass that we're celebrating Jesus's birthday today? Are any of us so out of it that we don't realise it's Christmas, and we just happened to show up to Mass on a Wednesday? He can make his remarks during the homily, and if he has to say anything about what he's about to do, the old Mass provides it for him: Introibo ad altare Dei. The old Mass starts by addressing God; the new Mass starts by addressing men.

(12-28-2019, 11:24 PM)LionHippo Wrote: Christ did not hand down the Mass in a prescribed, immutable form.  He did not list the Latin Mass among the requirements to achieve holiness and enter heaven.  The Church has the authority to institute forms and rites of Mass.  I agree that the Latin Mass should continue to exist and spread.  But it is unfair to claim that there is nothing positive about the OF Mass.

I never said there was nothing positive about the new Mass. If it helps you grow in holiness, great. But just because it's approved by the Church doesn't mean it's just as good as the old Mass. Not all laws are good, whether canonical or secular, and just because something is permitted doesn't make it a good practice. I suppose you think the fasting and abstinence rules are good practices because The Pope Says So, and it's a good thing that we now fast two days a year and abstain on seven.
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