Incredible number of attacks on Churches in Europe
We are too scattered and divided.  E Michael Jones wants to pounce on Michael Voris for not doing enough penance.  Michael Voris wants to distance himself from Michael Matt because he is cozy with SSPX.  SSPX wants to distance themselves from Sedes because, well they are sedes.  All have their own agenda and all are scattered working on their own project.

It will need to take a Pope or an Emperor to unify Christendom against this onslaught, the laity can not save the Church or the West alone. Only they can provide the soldiers necessary to save it; it must have a leader with the backing of God.

They laity as they progress further and further down the safety of the bosom of Tradition will produce such men who will unify and save the West, but I think it is clear given the rapid state of decay that perhaps (and in deed this is just speculation) God will not allow us to reform the current modernist state, but will bring about its ruin for our progeny to once again rebuild as man had to after the fall of Rome.

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