Incredible number of attacks on Churches in Europe
(01-02-2020, 09:29 AM)formerbuddhist Wrote: The future is Eurasia. Eastern Europe and Asia are where the center of power and influence is shifting. We can choose either Russia or China as the new model ruling society and for all its flaws I think Russia is better than godless China. 

I disagree about a pope of course but perhaps an emperor can turn things around for what's left of Christian culture, but I believe it'll have to be from Eurasia since there's little indication there's any unity or fight left in the West aside from in the hearts and minds of a few people and groups who have ZERO support from their churches official leaders or their societies governing authorities. 

Honestly I don't think the unwashed herd would care even if they did know. They need to be prodded into action.   The masses have always been dumb sheep that go along to get along.  It sounds elitist and perhaps it is but my reading of history has not proven otherwise.  People will do what they are told or what benefits them and their family's.  If there's a strong Christian leader that leads by example and makes the culture follow Christian rules than the masses will go along to get along.

Do you think it's possible we are just simply living in the end times, and the Antichrist will appear in our lifetimes?

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