Orthodox friend agrees to attend Greek Catholic Divine Liturgy!
Honestly, I think the best option would be to just do whatever the parish does whether or not this fits in with your ideal, I think the biggest danger is not mixing rites, but becoming spiritually isolated.

Also, I think the drive to practice a pure, Orthodox-style version of Eastern spirituality in the Catholic Church is a thing only on the internet. Half my family is from rural Ukraine and all pray the rosary, kneel, and have what looks to us like a mixed Western-Eastern outlook. But to them that is simply the way Christianity has always been practiced, not the result of foreign Roman imposition, and to describe it as such would seem ridiculous to those who have lived in these communities all their lives. If you walked up to my Ukrainian family members and said that the rosary does not fit well into Eastern Catholicism they would look at you like you had two heads. I understand that not all Eastern Churches are like this, but in my experience (which is mostly limited to Ukrainians) this is the norm.
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