Help! I’m trying to understand Logos and the Trinity
I've slowly been working my way through Etienne Gilson's book on the philosophy of St. Bonaventure, and tonight while reading the (very long) chapter on the Angels, the author put forth one of the most illuminating (pun intended) analogies of the Trinity, as follows:

Quote:God is like a resplendent sun; the Father has the power of this light, the Son the splendour, and the Holy Spirit the warmth, and hence comes the triple illumination of the creature. But as the power of the light shines and warms, its splendour possesses power and warmth, and its warmth possesses power and splendour, in the same way we shall be able to contemplate each Person in Himself or in the other two, and from this there will result three illuminations corresponding to the three Persons in Themselves and six corresponding to Their relations to one another, making nine in all,  a number which makes us foresee at once that of the angelic orders. To discover their nature, it will be enough to consider the attributes which are appropriate to each Person of the Divine Trinity and to make an angelic order correspond to each.

Rather than go with something abstract such as spiration, generation, and love like St. Augustine, the sun is instead used as an image itself, which I think is an easier way to try to wrap one's head around the Trinity. Maybe this will help the OP too.
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