Interesting "Heads Up!" Concerning New SARS-like Virus in China Breakout
I'm now convinced that China is in the midst of a very deadly pandemic that is a great many times worse than we're being told. The photos, videos, and reports coming out of China regarding the situation there, are far more compelling than the "official" versions. When some of the world's  very largest cities, have been reduced to ghost towns, with nearly empty train cars at the height of morning rush hour, car less expressways, and 99 pct of the pedestrian traffic vanished, you have to conclude that things like this just do not happen because 17.000 people are infected by a virus in a country of 1.4 billion. It's unbelievable to believe such relatively low figures could be causing such catastrophic results. But when you see the hospital waiting rooms being overrun, people collapsing on the street, hear reports of bodies being cremated, see the photos of ghost towns, empty highways, empty shelves, and the plunging Chinese stockmarket, you can only conclude that this is the worst pandemic in most of our lifetimes.
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