Clerical celibacy, Eastern defense
Honestly, I have been watching the clerical celibacy debate pan out recently and as an Easterner (technically, I haven't been chrismated yet until I can get my godmother and her husband witnessing it--that may be tomorrow though), I must say that it seems trivial but I think I ought to make a defense of clerical celibacy any way. I also have a High Anglican background. That means a lot of priests I know (yes, Anglican clergy are not validly ordained) are or have been married. No such issue with married clergy.

However, celibate clergy create for valiant men who can devote far more time to the fatherhood of their parish and aren't easily distracted. St. Hildegard of Bingen points out that a priest must be married to one wife--that wife being the Church. With that said, the issue of clerical celibacy really ought to be looked at in a more responsible manner of whether it benefits the Church or not. Clearly, celibate clergy greatly benefit the Church. They aren't distracted by family or other personal issues. That's when they are being obedient to their celibate callings. Tragically, this has not been the case much of the time. There is the on paper vs. the in practice aspect.
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