Clerical celibacy, Eastern defense
(01-24-2020, 08:14 AM)austenbosten Wrote: That is one of the benefits of clerical celibacy, but there's some other issues to point out.

1) EVERYONE is called to celibacy.  Only those who are in holy matrimony may engage in marital relations, everyone else has to be celibate.
2) Sex is a distraction.  All of us who engage in sexual relations know how difficult it can to be to focus on anything else other than sex when our passions are controlling us. 
3) The celibate man is a focused man.  They are those who are devoted and focus, and have no time for relationships and satisfying their loins.
4) Celibate priests are able to channel their passion to preaching the Word of God, passion becomes channeled for the spiritual as opposed to the temporal.
5) St Paul argued for celibacy 'nuff said.

As for the paper vs reality, it is important to state that in order to remain chaste and celibate, prayer is necessary.  It's not the fault of the practice if the necessary conditions are not being met.  Many priests and bishops who struggle with celibacy are not men of strong prayer life.  Prayer is first and foremost.  Priests have to pray the Divine Office every day, but failure to do so will cause these men to fall.
You're mixing up your definitions on #1.

Chastity relates to purity in one's state of life. Whereas if one is single they cannot engage in relations and if one is married they may only do so with their spouse.
Celibacy refers to not being married
Continence refers to not engaging in sexual relations.

As such, everyone is called to chastity. Clerics and religious are called to chastity, celibacy, and continence.

Anyway, agreed with the rest. I can see an argument for allowing a lower class (in a sense) married clergy. However, I could see how doing so could very well lessen the amount of celibate clergy and cause a divide within the priestly ranks if there is a sizable group of married clergy (rather than just having a small number of exceptions). Married priests would also not be able to devote the same amount of time as a celibate priest because they also have a vocation to their marriage and as a parent. As such their time would be divided. Could it be done? Probably, it exists in the east. However, it is clear that a celibate priesthood is optimal and Scripture supports such a stance.
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