Clerical celibacy, Eastern defense
(01-24-2020, 08:14 AM)austenbosten Wrote: 2) Sex is a distraction.  All of us who engage in sexual relations know how difficult it can to be to focus on anything else other than sex when our passions are controlling us. 
3) The celibate man is a focused man.  They are those who are devoted and focus, and have no time for relationships and satisfying their loins.
4) Celibate priests are able to channel their passion to preaching the Word of God, passion becomes channeled for the spiritual as opposed to the temporal.

2. Eating can be a distraction.  Drinking can be a distraction.  Fellowship can be a distraction.  Even if sex is more frequently a distraction for men than the other passions, that doesn't mean there aren't married men who are able to control their passions for sex.  The key in what you said is "when our passions are controlling us."  I'd argue a man controlled by any of his passions, not just passion for sex, is probably unfit for the priesthood.
3.  Married men can be focused too.  Married men can be as focused as celibate men on the needs of a parish.
4.  Married men are incapable of channeling their sexual passion?  Are celibate priests better at channeling their passion for food, or sports, or a few beers here and there?  Why do Latins hyperfocus on sexual passion and ignore the others?

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