Clerical celibacy, Eastern defense
I do have to say that I find the arguments about the workload of a priest and distractions, etc. as really terrible arguments, because as Melkite's objections point out they are incredibly weak.

They may be serviceable and practical, but they also fail to touch on anything essential about the priesthood, and so they are highly inadequate.

If it's just about time and commitment and married clergy being divided, then the promise of greater numbers should solve this. So while it's fair to point out all that a dedicated Latin priest does that would become impossible, heavier loads for other professions are just as demanding on certain levels if not more so, and we do not suggest that all soldiers, doctors, or police be unmarried.

There is a danger if we do not argue from what has been Apostolic tradition, and also from the nature of the priesthood that we create overly-simplistic arguments which do not definitively answer the objections.

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