Clerical celibacy, Eastern defense
1) Although sex can be a distraction for many, it does not mean that there cannot be married men who can control themselves.
A) Agreed, but given that lust is the sin that draws most to Hell as Our Blessed Mother at Fatima stated: "More souls go to Hell because of the sins of the flesh than for any other reason." It is important that we do not trespass against the cardinal virtue of Prudence and revoke a practice older than the Rosary in a time when Lust is the chief cause of scandal in the Church.  While any inordinate passion is evil, let us not fool ourselves into thinking sex doesn't have more sway over one's desires than food.

2) Married men can be focused too.  Married men can be as focused as celibate men on the needs of a parish.
A) Utterly false!  A married man is husband to his wife and family.  When pressed between servicing the needs of the Church and his family, either his family is forced to suffer, or the Church.  Unless the man is blessed with the gift of bilocation, he cannot be two places at once.  A celibate priest is married to the Church and does not have to share his time with a wife and family.

3) If celibacy is so great?  Why not demand it of others
A) Because we are not talking about others, we are talking about the Church.  Yes a soldier with no wife would be a better soldier as he has no commitments other than the army.

3)Why is there so much hyperfocus on sexual passion when there are others?
A) There is an answer I could give, but I will refrain for the sake of charity.  I will say this.  Latins hyperfocus on sexual passion because it is the cause of much downfall in man.  It was sexual passion that caused King David to sin, it was sexual passion that cause Samson to fall and lose his strength and sight, it was sexual passion that caused the debauchery of Sodom that was eventually destroyed by God.  It would be sexual passion that would drive the greatest arch-heretic Martin Luther to the foulest of blasphemies.  It would also be sexual passions of King Henry VIII that would destroy the visible Church of England and drive Her underground and create millions of martyrs and the wickedness the unleashed on the world still permeates today.

4)If it's just about time and commitment and married clergy being divided, then the promise of greater numbers should solve this.
A)Haha, the promise...oh the promises.  Like how the Novus Ordo promised to bring about a new springtime?  Like how creating "Reconciliation Rooms" would bring about more confessions?  Who makes these promises?  Are these the same men who promised that Peter's Pence went to those in need and not funding perverted films promoting sodomy. 

Finally just who is going to pay for all of this?  Who will pay for the priest to support the wife and children?  The money will have to come from the Church and that means less funds to the poor and needy. 

If the Church needs married priests because of a shortage of priests then it begs the question why the shortage?  What occurred between the 1950s where the seminaries were turning away men and now?  We were told that Vatican II did not destroy anything, we were told all about how the seminaries are growing, but now we need married priests because of a shortage?

two plus two indeed makes five!
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