Clerical celibacy, Eastern defense
(01-29-2020, 07:17 PM)divinesilence80 Wrote: Well, not quite. The Catholic Church is like the biggest baddest T-Rex a hunter could come across. Taking it out to mount its head on the wall is a really seductive thought / trophy for [those] that resist it. The Orthodox and others are either too small in number to present a problem or as in the case of Russia to well protected by a guy not afraid to pull the trigger (Vladdy Putin). The western world would on average prefer to usurp our influence, twist it, and use it for their own devices. This COULD be a gateway to doing so....
That is true. And a fair point. Though Eastern rite Catholics have permitted married clergy and they are furthest away from the idea of having female clergy in their ranks. That said, the demographic arguments that it would increase the number of men called to the clergy are bizarre and based on trivial and irrelevant data. It's like what the Congressional Budget Committee does in the U.S. or what the DMV does when it gives its bogus argument against "first come first serve" tradition. Obviously, "first come first serve" would significantly reduce wait times at the DMV but it persists on the "needs/necessities" system any way based on bogus scientific data.

What would really increase the number of men called to clergy is a return to the enchantment of the Mass/Liturgy. The reality is that since VII, the number of men called to the priesthood has dramatically decreased and not increased. Maybe if we look at VII as the cause of this, then we may see why. Men don't want to serve a woman who thinks she can abuse them. The Church is that woman. The Church is that damsel. Men want to be knights who fight for a lady but if that lady is not offering them anything of beauty, they walk away. The Church has simply stopped giving them beauty. She has fallen into sluttiness and whoredom (I hate to say that, but even Israel did this--and was even symbolized by a whore when Hosea was asked by God to marry one). That's why the men called to serve her are dropping.
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