Am I dispensed from attending Mass today?
(02-02-2020, 11:10 AM)FultonFan Wrote: I’m in St. John’s, NL.
The only TLM is 5 PM.
Due to snow, it’s been cancelled.
However, to my knowledge anyway, the AM Ordinary Form Masses went ahead.
I didn’t know about the cancellation until approx. 10:40 AM my time.

The bulletin for the TLM did advise caution regarding the pending weather. 
However, I really don’t think I thought I’d see the Mass cancelled.
Any thoughts / suggestions / recommendations??

If this is scrupulous I apologize.

However, I simply don’t know the answer.
Also, remember that the Mass obligation is entirely for your spiritual benefit as part of your relationship with God. You miss Mass, you miss the holy Eucharist, the homily, etc. That is why there is an obligation. You can't always make it sometimes. God understands.

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