Am I dispensed from attending Mass today?
(02-02-2020, 03:36 PM)newenglandsun Wrote:
(02-02-2020, 11:10 AM)FultonFan Wrote: I’m in St. John’s, NL.
The only TLM is 5 PM.
Due to snow, it’s been cancelled.
However, to my knowledge anyway, the AM Ordinary Form Masses went ahead.
I didn’t know about the cancellation until approx. 10:40 AM my time.

The bulletin for the TLM did advise caution regarding the pending weather. 
However, I really don’t think I thought I’d see the Mass cancelled.
Any thoughts / suggestions / recommendations??

If this is scrupulous I apologize.

However, I simply don’t know the answer.
Also, remember that the Mass obligation is entirely for your spiritual benefit as part of your relationship with God. You miss Mass, you miss the holy Eucharist, the homily, etc. That is why there is an obligation. You can't always make it sometimes. God understands.

You are correct about one of the purposes of the Church demanding attendance of Mass on Sundays and Holy Days, but there are other purposes as well beyond our own personal spiritual benefit, including the edification of others, and the need for common worship. Even a merely Natural Religion (if that were possible) would demand communal worship, but if people were permitted to not regularly attend communal worship, then it would undermine the social nature of the Church.

So the Church, in Her wisdom, added a particular obligation.

It is a matter of the Church's Law, and is expressed in Canon Law. Moral or Physical impossibility (which includes grave inconvenience) excuses, because no human law can adequately take account of all circumstances.

It is important, while we should appreciate the purpose of the obligation, when impossible still try to do something to achieve this (and are obliged to do something to sanctify the day by the 3rd commandment), but also to recognize that this is a Canonical obligation, and our following Church law is part of the humility that will help us to have that purpose. If we're not careful with that we risk turning our Faith or its practice into a quasi-Protestant approach in which it is all about our personal prayer and relationship with God, and so excusing ourselves for slight reasons.

So, I agree, but I'd say it's important to recognize something beyond just our own personal spiritual benefit.
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