Divine Mercy Chaplet and Offering the Divinity
A priest asked me in confession if I knew the Divine Mercy Chaplet, but I do not have it memorized, so he gave me another penance. 

I could not at this time in good conscience recite this chaplet, not without clarification on a certain point, and when I've sought answers from Catholics regarding this matter, they say things like, that the Father suffers, or that the divinity of the Son is distinct from that of the Father!

How does it make sense to offer the divinity of the Son to the Father when the Father and Son are consubstantial in divinity?  Would this not mean that we are offering the Father the Father's divinity?  What exactly does this mean?

I understand offering the body and blood to the Father, the humanity, for the Father has no humanity.  But how can I offer the Father his divinity, and what does this even mean?

I have not heard defenses of this prayer that were orthodox.  But perhaps I am missing something. 

I don't object to this chaplet for its emphasis on mercy, as some do.  I am not a Jansenist.

But I much prefer the Sacred Heart chaplet and plan to commit a version of it to memory. 

I am glad the priest did not assign the Divine Mercy chaplet as penance.  I tend to say Eastern prayers aimed at preparing me to receive the sacrament, or traditional Roman devotions, and I trust in Christ's mercy, but I will not at this time say the Eternal Father unless I can understand it in an orthodox way.

I have only heard it defended with heresy.

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