Prayer Unceasing
I endeavor, and I am certain I fail often, in always maintaining an awareness that I am in the presence of the Lord.  And in his sacramental presence I find an aid, such as in Adoration, of cultivating this form of prayer. 

My great grandmother, of Holiness origins, taught me about praying throughout the day, saying, "Jesus!  Jesus!"

Sometimes this form of prayer lends itself to interior delight and sweetness, but there are of course periods of dryness.

I focus on particular devotions, usually Eastern, but also Roman ones such as the Rosary or Sacred Heart, until I develop a quietude in which I can rest in Christ's presence, and if I should lose focus, I pick up where I left off in vocal prayer and meditation. 

I am curious as to the importance others here may place on unceasing prayer.  If you do believe it very important, what is your method of cultivating this prayerful state?

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