Interesting dilemma at work
So a little background, I write software for medical devices...

Recently attending the annual compnay "Anti-Harassment" training and the training has been updated to handle the gender madness of the day, the way it is handled is
  • Sex is what you are born as; male or female.
  • Gender is whatever the heck one wants to identify as...
and, of course, as an employee one must be respectful of both sex and gender...

Now I am updating code for a new product. During the workflow of this product patient information is displayed to verify the patient is who the user thinks it is and one of the patient details is Gender, currently male or female. Who knows what that details will be in the future based on the current cultural climate

So the dilemma, how does one handle supporting products that handle gender? In some ways just doing "the job" is implicitly supporting the gender madness and on the other handle its how I make a living.

Any thoughts on this? Has anybody else had to deal with the "gender" issue in their employment and how was it handled?
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