How to use the 1962 TLM hand missal
(02-16-2020, 06:48 PM)Fionnchu Wrote: For instance, today at FSSP low Mass, I noticed that a few congregants stood during Communion, which is the SOP in our L.A. Archdiocese for Novus Ordo, while neighboring San Diego allows kneeling during that portion. L.A.'s liturgists wanted to discourage kneeling, or genuflecting. Surprised they have not taken out all the kneelers. Curious from others who have or have not seen those maybe new at TLM adapting (or rejecting) diocesan norms when attending TLM and not N.O.
Thankfully, over here in the St. Augustine Diocese, we have seen that nonkneeling practice come and make a very rapid exit. Occasionally, we will see some folks who try to not kneel, usually visitors and from out of state, but they soon revert back to what is truly proper for such a time in the Mass.
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