How to use the 1962 TLM hand missal
(02-16-2020, 07:14 PM)Zedta Wrote: "Confiteor Deo omnipotenti, beatae Mariae semper Virgini, beato Michaeli Archabgelo, beato Joanni Baptistae, sanctis Apostolis Petro et Paulo, omnibus Sanctis, et tibi, Pater: quia peccavi nimis cogitatione, verbo, et opere (strick breast three times) mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. Ideo precor beatam Mariam semper Virginem, beatum Michaelem Archangelum, beatum Joannem Baptistam, sanctos Apostolos Petrum et Paulum, omnes Sanctos, et te, Pater, orare pro me ad Dominum Deum nostrum."

Priest: "Misereatur vestri omnipotens Deus, et dimissis peccatis vestris, perducat vos as vitam aeternam." [Interesting here, the priest says; "May Almighty God have mercy on you, forgive you your sins, and bring you to everlasting life". You and your, not us.]

Ya, lots of other things changed by Vat II. But I better not get started... :(

Which makes sense, because the priest just said his own Confiteor, to which the servers reply "Misereatur tui omnipotens Deus, et dimissis peccatis tuis, perducat te in vitam aeternam."

It's the same in the Office at Prime and Compline, although in the 1911 reform, it's explicitly added that if the Office is said by only one or two, or if all laity, the Confiteor is said only once, with the reply "Misereatur nostri..." Note that it's still "nostri" even if only one person is saying it, because it's liturgical, something that started to break down in 1960 when, outside of Choir, "Dominus vobiscum" was no longer used.

You make a good point about how the new Mass blurs the lines between clergy and laity. And many of the translations made it even worse, such as the Orate, fratres: "our sacrifice" instead of "my sacrifice and yours". (Bonus points if it's "sisters and brothers".)
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