How Is Your Diocese Dealing With Coronavirus ?
We can argue for ever over whether the churches should be open or closed and I doubt few will change their opinions, but one question that disturbs me perhaps even more is,  Where is the leadership of the Church in all this, Where are the calls for repentence and putting our house in order ? Every Diocese web page I see seems to have the same response. Cupich is on the altar with leaders of non-Catholic religions while the faithful are locked out, and people are told how to watch the mass online along with a few health tips. Ouside of a tiny handful like Cardinal Burke, no one is talking about repentence or that our society, including a majority of Catholics has fully embraced a culture of death (abortion-euthanasia) sexual perversion, divorce, contraception,false gods and goddesses and above all has rejected Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  Those "living saints we're so unworthy of" as many neo-Catholics and CAF types believe, who head these Diocese's continue to refuse to tell the truth, that if we don't repent, something far worse than the Coronavirus will descend upon us.
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