SSPX Sex Scandals And Cover Ups
(04-27-2020, 05:39 PM)MagisterMusicae Wrote:
When a woman goes out dressed like a prostitute, drinks like a fish, dances seductively with men she does not know, and then ends up in bed with a man who she never would have wanted to sleep with otherwise, the world says it's his fault alone, and if you say "maybe she shouldn't have dressed like that, gotten drunk or come on to the man" you are "blaming the victim" and that's the worst crime. 

Quote:What on earth does this have to do with child predators???

Are you saying the children asked for it?

Even if you educate children to be careful of strangers, they're children and make mistakes!
How about we keep known predators away instead.

(04-27-2020, 05:14 PM)Sacred Heart lover Wrote: Instead of trying to look at the facts and see if there are some issues with covering up abuse with objectivity for the sake of protecting children from danger,...

Get over yourself.  

What has become clear from this is that the SSPX is cooperating with Church and civil authorities in investigations. Isn't that what they are supposed to do?

Quote:Not according to Fr Rizzo and others.  They at least deserve to be heard.

Or are you saying that they have a duty to reveal all of the sins they find people have committed? or only certain kinds of sins?

Are you suggesting we should open up the confessionals and let people hear about anything against the 6th or 9th Commandment?
Quote:Is that what I said?    What would it take for some of you on this thread to say, "Hmm...if that happened that's not good.  Something should be done about it."'s all wrong....we know it's's all clumny and lies....we don't even need to look further because the SSPX is above all scrutiny.

(04-27-2020, 05:14 PM)Sacred Heart lover Wrote: ---Well it's that Voris---he's the real problem

Calumny and Detraction are sins, and Voris thrives on them.

Quote:Like I said, I don't care about Voris but I do care about children and if people in authority are covering up for sexual predators it needs to be exposed and taken care of whether it's in the Vatican, the NO, the FSSP, the SSPX or anywhere else.

(04-27-2020, 05:14 PM)Sacred Heart lover Wrote: ----Well the numbers are small---"discreet" amount

No number is okay, but to suggest that every SSPX priest is a predator,

Quote:I haven't seen that anywhere.  "Discreet" is a dismissive term which is incredibly disrespectful to the victims!

which is exactly what the CM piece was designed to do with innuendo (for instance against Fr Novak that he "seduced" people into not saying something, and met "at night in secret" with people ...

(04-27-2020, 05:14 PM)Sacred Heart lover Wrote: ----Well I'm sure the vocal accusers were crazy and Jansenist

Who said that. If you think I did apparently you have reading comprehension issues.

Quote:If one stands back and looks at those who are always the loudest in these situations it always conflates all sexual indecency and assault together, and that is simple to simplistic a matter: A priest is accused of sexual innuendo in a conversation with a somewhat crazy 35-year-old woman, and so, be sure he's never allowed to be around 7-year-old boys. He's a pervert!

I'm not defending abuse, but we're terribly influenced by the hedonisic puritanism (really Jansenism) of the world. "Virtue signaling" is the modern term.

Again....what does this have to do with convicts who rape their daughters???

(04-27-2020, 05:14 PM)Sacred Heart lover Wrote: ----Well we handled it internally

No one claimed this, especially the SSPX, who has said they have involved the police in criminal matters.

Quote:From CM

Fr. Abbet case, meaning how they twist it, is this: An internal SSPX tribunal cleared him of guilt years before the secular court trial when other sex abuse allegations were brought by distraught parents who discovered their child had been abused by the priest. The SSPX leadership asked the parents to not go public with their allegations. That is the definition of a cover-up.

When he reoffended with other children — meaning sexually assaulted them, which they always do — the civil courts convicted him. Only then did the SSPX cooperate, when they were forced to. But he should have been turned over to civil authorities years earlier instead of their little internal proceedings, which freed him and turned him loose on even more children.

(04-27-2020, 05:14 PM)Sacred Heart lover Wrote: ---Well he was sorry so we sent him to another school

Where's the proof that someone who abused children was sent to another school in an active role?

Quote:Our original e-mail inquiry was about the priest Fr. Duveger (a priest with numerous allegations), who had been transferred to a school.  The internal back and forth says "We can admit there are some restrictions on him, but most people will still think it bizarre he's at a school." Then the discussion advances to admit there are many ugly cases in France, and that Church Militant is going to discover the "veritable gold mine" of cases here in the United States.

(04-27-2020, 05:14 PM)Sacred Heart lover Wrote: If we love the Traditional Mass and the priestly orders who defend it we should want the filth to come to light and be purged and make darn sure the superiors are handling things properly.

Actually, no. That's not our job.

Firstly, revealing the hidden sins of others is a mortal sin. It's called detraction.

Secondly, claiming to reveal sins of others that are not true is a mortal sin. It's called Calumy.

So, publicly revealing accusations or hidden sins except to superiors or law enforcement is a mortal sin.

Are you saying you want people to commit mortal sin?

Quote:I want accountablity for superiors who are derelict in protecting minors.  

Lastly, it is not the responsibility of the faithful to police the superiors of a religious society of which they are not members. If you don't like what's happening, stop the donations and take your family elsewhere. Vote with your feet and pocketbook. That's the option and it can be quite effective.

Quote:No. That's not enough.  Allowing other children of unsuspecting parents to be harmed because of a derelict of duty by superiors and coverup is accomplice to sin.  If resolution cannot be made within the proper ranks, it's time to go public as some have.

(04-27-2020, 05:14 PM)Sacred Heart lover Wrote: And we should show an attitude of outrage at the abuse and have more concern for the feelings, wellbeing and safety of the children than for the predator.

Pure emotionalism: Worship at the altar of feelings.

Quote:Perhaps Jesus was worshiping at the altar of feelings when he showed pity on people or when he beat the rascals in the temple or shouted at the Pharisees?  Of course as a man that can't be "pure emotionalism".
It's possible to both show a deep sadness and concern for the victims of these egregious assaults, especially when the priest should have been removed so more molestations would have never occured.

If one of my kids had been harmed and I found out the superiors knew about the guy and could have prevented it, I would be far angrier at them than the predator himself!

Was Jesus being "emotional" when he spoke of a millstone around the neck of those who do harm to children?

Like Jesus, this is a time for anger and outrage and a time for deep pity for the victims.

No one prefers the predator to the victim!

Feelings, outrage and anger do nothing in themselves, but even so no one has any lack of feeling for victims of abuse except perhaps the abuser, and even many of them after their crimes do have great sorrow for their crimes.

Feelings and outrage and anger are only useful if they cause us to do something practical to prevent and punish abuse. That certainly seems to be happening, but it's not enough for CM, or you apparently.

What would be enough? What is sufficient? Burn it all down?

Quote:Did I say that?  No, of course not!   I want nothing more than for the SSPX to continue but it won't if it continues to handle these things in sloppy and imprudent ways which allows for more victims and it show no sorrow and comforting of the victims but is more concerned about CYA.

The lawsuits and publicity from mishandled sex abuse cases when victims can't obtain justice through the regular channels has done more harm to the Church and made it rife for public disdain than anything else.

Why do you seem to lack feeling, outrage and anger that among legitimate accusations and conviction that the lives, ministry and reputation of many priests who are completely innocent are also being destroyed?

Or is that just fair collateral damage?

Quote:I have a close friend who I've know throughout his seminary years and early priesthood only to be falsely accused by a woman and is now living in a state of limbo...neither removed from the priesthood but unable to say Mass or exercise priestly faculties.  It's absolutely tragic and the whole thing was a set up because he was a whistle blower on the homo cabal in the diocese up to the Bishop's office.

I have a great deal of feeling, outrage and anger about this situation.

Does that mean I can't also have outrage and anger about predator priests being moved around as if shuffling them from place to place will stop them from harming children, as well as anger at those who refuse to look at the facts and consider there could be something wrong going on because it's their favorite priests and those leaders can do no wrong?

It's possible to feel both.

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