Four cardinals join global appeal decrying crackdown on basic freedoms over coronavir
It's not out of the question that there will be a "Covid 2.0." Once a virus is around, it's going to take a long time to be eradicated, if it can at all. And the fall-winter season is usually the most active time for people getting sick, so it's reasonable to think that there will be a natural resurgence of Covid-19 at some point.

I do not think this is an "orchestrated attack" in the sense that this virus was designed and intentionally spread by some covert entity. The virus itself is most likely a naturally occurring pathogen just like hundreds of others. There may be an extreme remote chance that it "escaped" from a lab somehow, but at this point, the genesis of the disease doesn't matter too much.

The "orchestrated attack" is the narrative of fear created by the media and largely left-leaning politicians. Over here in the US, one would have to be either completely aloof of how interwoven the left is with the media, or they'd have to be in complete denial that they support each other. This "pandemic" is more a case of great opportunity for them: an actual event, an unseen virus, crippling the economy, but with actual health impacts to the public. Over here, they're already casting doom and gloom about the resurgence of the virus in the fall, which gladly for them coincides with the next Presidential election. So they will take the opportunity to portray the President's response to it now as a great failure, and then use this as leverage as the election approaches in November.

Most of the Democratic governors have taken every opportunity they can to rant about how the Federal government failed them. They've done this in a number of ways. Some of them requested ridiculous amounts of PPE from the Federal Government, knowing it wasn't available, then publishing the numbers and complaining about how little they received . . . "we asked for 50,000,000 pairs of gloves, but we only got 100,000!" The numbers projected at the beginning, for things like PPE and ventilators, were absurdly high and were based on extreme projections, and then coupled with responses from hospitals and other agencies who stated how much they need. Human nature, they don't want to run out of anything and get blamed for a shortfall, so obviously people were requesting inordinate amounts of things to make sure they were covered.

The thing is, if the President would have told these states beforehand to shut down and restrict certain things, they wouldn't have obeyed, and would have responded that they knew better than him how to run their states. But then he gets the blame for everything, taking no responsibility themselves. "He should have told us to cancel Mardi Gras!" said the mayor of New Orleans.

The media is effective because they report elements of truth, while omitting a lot of facts, and using strong language and visuals, emotional stories, etc., to exaggerate stories to force a certain agenda and narrative. This, coupled with the fact that we live in a very "sound-bite" society of many people who may not read past a headline or caption, more easily lets their concocted agenda achieve its purpose.
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