Monergism and Synergism
I work with many Calvinists and semi-Calvinists.

In one discussion with a Calvinist acquaintance, we were discussing the relation of works and faith etc., and our different understandings of that. 

My friend said that the Catholic Church was synergistic (that God and man co-operate in the salvation of souls) in its doctrine of salvation (all of this was supremely confusing to me) and that monergism (like what Calvinists believe) was the correct opinion to hold. 

I have really no idea what my friend was talking about, but I was wondering what the Catholic teaching is on this issue. I know that God is the source of all salvation and that it is only by God's grace that we are saved. But I also know that we have to have a faith which works in charity. Where does the human will enter into this. If salvation is a gift that we can reject, when does it become so?

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