Catholic Theology of Justification, Sanctification
This is related to the monergism/synergism thread which I posted. 

I have had trouble trying to pin down precisely what the Catholic theology of justification, salvation and sanctification is. 

This comes up tonnes whenever I am discussing about the Church with my Protestant friends. I am largely ignorant about the whole debate (when I was Protestant, I had no clue what to believe about justification or salvation. In fact, I probably learned more about my Protestant religion after I converted to Catholicism than I learned when I was a practicing Baptist.) When I entered the Church I really wasn't comparing whose soteriology was correct. I mostly wanted to know whose Church was the true Church of Jesus Christ.

I digress. When I am asked by my Protestant friends if I believe in "works salvation", I tell them, "No, and the Catholic Church doesn't believe that you are saved by your works. You are saved by grace, through faith, in the works of charity. You have to do good works, like pray, fast, etc,. to sanctify yourself and conform to Christ, but all of this is done by and your cooperation with the grace of God."

I'm concerned that this is may not be the best way to express this (or even that it is the correct way to express it), so I hope that some one can help me to understand this. 

Thank you

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