Fatima Family Holy Hour For The Church
(05-14-2020, 03:13 PM)MagisterMusicae Wrote: I'm curious about this "Nomen Christi" apostolate, because the website is pretty non-descript.

The goal is "preparedness and sustainability" and on the home page quote an Apple advertisment/Steve Jobs. That's a bit odd for a Catholic apostolate.

I'd also note that while I don't find anything objectionable in the prayer there are a few oddities in the prayers recommended on the site, nothing itself wrong, but Catholics should have a natural sense of scrutiny when prayers are pushed by a lay apostolate that are not approved by the Church.

I would note that about the Fatima Holy Hour, here advertised. The Litany of Our Lady of Fatima is not an approved Litany, and at best could be used for private recitation (not public recitation, and that includes recitation with others). That does not mean it is a bad prayer. There are many private Litanies, I even say the Litany of Humility often, it is a great prayer, but it cannot be used in public (i.e. with others). So that is one problem with this suggested prayer. I think it would be better to say the Litany of Loreto.

Secondly, prayers when published for public use need to be given an approval by the Church. When it's just common prayers, that might seem pedantic, and clearly there could be an easy exception, else a handout for a Procession at church would be illegal, but certainly when prayers that are not common, or even novel things are published, it should at least before publication be approved by a priest, and if circulated for wide use, one's local bishop (or the equivalent). That's part of being "faithful to the Holy Father" which the site takes pains to reiterate a disturbingly large number of times, as if anytime we mention Pope Francis, we need to remind everyone that we're faithful. I'd guess 90% of people here, or even in the traditional movement were, so it's a bit odd.

I also am always very troubled by new people popping into the forum, advertising their things, and then not sticking around to actually participate. So, CF, I'd hope you're not just using this as free advertising space to get people to come and read your blog. That's not why this forum exists. If you do want to join us, though, you're most welcome.

I appreciate that you have taken the time to look at my work.  I did say in my initial post to bear with me because I am just getting used to this environment. 

As for the ministry, we are in formation and not even accepting donations yet.  The vision is evolving, but I would like to see Catholics better prepared and more self-sufficient.  As we look around, the need for this should be getting more and more clear.  I am maintaining a blog dealing with a variety of what I feel are related topics (the relation among these topics may not be readily apparent, that's why one has to immerse oneself in the environment to understand it).

It is the substance of that quote that I find spot on.  I admit it is ironic that I quote Apple, because my whole philosophy is to fight everything the techno culture stands for.  But we humans are complex!

As for the prayers, this is a devotion to be done at home, so a private litany should not be a problem. To get prayers approved, I will certainly do that, when the ministry grows further.  But I don't think we need to be so authoritarian that a good Catholic can't write a prayer and publish it.  If someone sees something theologically wrong, they can certainly bring this to my attention.

I will keep in mind that this is a discussion forum and I encourage discussion on anything I post.  Having said that, I do think there needs to be some way for sincere Catholics doing good work to get exposure. Is anyone in disagreement about that?  If I had a forum, I would welcome such people.  The moderators can instruct me further if they feel they need to.

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