Would this be an act of serious disobedience?
(05-14-2020, 06:53 PM)FultonFan Wrote:
MiserereMeiDeus Wrote:
FultonFan Wrote:Long story short: daughter 1 one year old today.
Where I live (NL, Canada), there's a COVID-19 rule of having no more than "two bubbles" (viz. households) intermingle.
Through discussions with both grandparents, we decided to go with my parents as the "second bubble".
Anyway, it appears as though plans have been made to have BOTH sets of grandparents here this evening.
I'll actually be upstairs working during most of it, but am I committing sin by permitting "three bubbles" in my house at once? Would it be grave?
Which commandment are you willfully violating with full knowledge and intent?
Thank you, seriously.

You're welcome.  I have to do that for myself a lot.  I can be scrupulous too, though it's more out of ignorance for me rather than anything else.  It's been a pretty good incentive for me to learn.

My other problem is having passed through orthodox Judaism on my way to reversion, I have had to practice unlearning that very legalistic mentality.

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