Primacy of conscience and following the Pope
In my thread earlier asking about exceptions to contraception, someone here pointed out the “primacy of conscience” that Pope Francis writes about in Amoris Laetitia. Pretty much everyone here denounced that statement and Francis’s words as being heretical and contrary to Church teaching. 

So this begs the question: how do we have the authority to decide whether or not a Pope’s encyclical is heretical? Is he not the Pope? Aren’t we supposed to respect and follow his teachings? Why can we say that Humanae Vitae is legit but Amoris is not? Who decides this? 

I’m not being sarcastic here; I’m genuinely confused. It seems like we’re saying some popes write good stuff and others write stuff that we can toss out the window. What’s the deciding factor? And are Catholics who do follow the “primacy of conscience” as laid out in Amoris condemned? They are just following what the pope says after all.
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