Primacy of conscience and following the Pope
Yes SacraCor, I replied to your original thread by saying that I thought the Church, using Amoris Laetitia as guidance, could open up the question of allowing an exception under certain situations such as yours. I was not suggesting that you go ahead and just do so on your own, as many were eager to accuse me of. And I was not referring to "primacy of conscience" as a type of free-for-all, where people could just go ahead and go against Church teaching whenever they felt like it - not at all.

I refer to what Pope Francis calls "concrete situations" and "lived realities" - such as yours - where sometimes a blanket application of teaching may not be the most effective approach. So for your situation, where one cannot realistically deny the importance of unity between husband and wife expressed in intimate relations, but there is a high possibility of endangering one's health in doing so, the question can perhaps be opened. Your primary intention is not to contracept, but to be able to have relations with your spouse; as you have a child, and are open to more in the future, you have proven that. Furthermore, NFP is already approved, but simply does not offer the comfort in your situation. On the other hand, if another couple wanted to claim "primacy of conscience" simply because they did not desire children, then that would not be a valid application of the guidance laid out in Amoris Laetitia. Again, I am only suggesting that I do not see a problem with the Church opening up this question.

From what I have seen, many folks exercise their self-ordained primacy of conscience when they badmouth the Pope and accuse him of heresy, with seemingly no sense of wrong, remorse, or guilt. They even go so far, without any proper authority or training, to claim that he is not even the Pope, as if these are not sins of the tongue and of slander. But when someone merely poses a question to ask about an exception to one of the Church's sexual teachings, they call God's angels to swoop down from heaven to stop the discussion in its tracks. Because apparently, a woman trying to find a way to have sex with her husband without seriously risking her health is somehow a bigger threat to the Faith than a group of Catholics who are disobedient to the Holy Father and accuse him of heresy.
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