Primacy of conscience and following the Pope
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(06-07-2020, 02:38 PM)SeekerofChrist Wrote: I don't have any specific comments on Mr. Hoffman's thesis but I am convinced at the "Spirit of Vatican II" didn't originate at Vatican II (thus it is a misnomer).  The Church didn't go from traditional and faithful in 1962 to the clown Masses, ecumenism, and religious indifferentism that would seem to sweep the Church by the early 1970's.  The early Modernists that St. Pius X beat back didn't come from nowhere.  All of this has been building up for a very long time, perhaps for centuries now.  The Devil plays the long game.

And this, at its center, is what he's getting at with his book. Which, I got about halfway through it originally and was scandalized because I thought he was trying to denigrate the Church. But, now that I understand Mr. Hoffman's thought, what he says makes a lot of sense and he backs it up with quite a bit of sources. I've got to say, the book is a black pill for sure.

As for Modernism, as derived from the author's thesis, it has to do with the occult concept of Revelation of the Method. Essentially,  event A happens, is wrapped up quickly, and then is frozen with the evidence surrounding it. Over time, circumstances surrounding event A begin to "thaw" as more and more information contrary to the supposed conclusions of event A are "exposed". Eventually, the truth behind event A is publically exposed at a time when it is too late to do anything about it. Modernism, and Masonry, in essence, were the trickle-down effects of this severe occult corruption in the Church hierarchy; the bulk of which culminated in the public exposure of the "Church of Rome" at Vatican II.

There's a reason beyond mere communist and Masonic infiltration as to why Vatican II happened simultaneously with the Kennedy assassination and the depravity of the 60s. According to the author, this was all meant to be "revealed" once the public had been sufficiently dulled to the "Method."
I'm glad you're revisiting Hoffman's book, it's worth reading for trads as far as I'm concerned. Definitely "black pill" as you say, as he pulls no punches and backs all of it up with hundreds of footnotes and citations.

The relief, for me, when it came to the author (I sent you a PM on it), is that Mr. Hoffman is not some sort of apostate, Protestant or pseudo-Catholic/sedevacantist. He full-well accepts the current Pontificate, albeit as a result of what he expounds in his book, and takes a position with the Church that a lot of Trads tend to implicitly take.
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