Need a simple food to get all nutrients
(07-03-2020, 02:34 AM)Sacred Heart lover Wrote: All you need is meat/protein.  You can survive for the rest of your life eating only meat and nothing else.

There are no "essential carbs" at all.

True.  I've done this before, for a couple of months at a time.  The 'carnivore' diet takes a little adjusting to, but can work well.  A little expensive though.  I tried to mix it up with chicken an pork, but after a while craved only red meat, which can be pricey.  You have to be sure to get enough fat with this kind of eating as well.

Right now I'm just continuing the traditional Lent thing, which is working well for me.  Calorie restriction with simple foods.  Oatmeal for breakfast, small sandwich and chips for lunch (sometimes a clementine too), and a larger, simple meal for supper.  No snacks, coffee and water for drinks.  I do have an English style tea with milk after supper.
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