Need a simple food to get all nutrients
(07-03-2020, 12:41 PM)jack89 Wrote: True.  I've done this before, for a couple of months at a time.  The 'carnivore' diet takes a little adjusting to, but can work well.  A little expensive though.  I tried to mix it up with chicken an pork, but after a while craved only red meat, which can be pricey.  You have to be sure to get enough fat with this kind of eating as well.

Right now I'm just continuing the traditional Lent thing, which is working well for me.  Calorie restriction with simple foods.  Oatmeal for breakfast, small sandwich and chips for lunch (sometimes a clementine too), and a larger, simple meal for supper.  No snacks, coffee and water for drinks.  I do have an English style tea with milk after supper.

I did carnivore for a month and I got tired of it. :P

I like to get my greens --with lots of fat like avocado oil ranch dressing. :)

And if I don't get enough calories it can throw my thyroid off and I start losing hair. :O

So I need to keep sugar free keto fat bombs around for desert.

With eating so much fat and meat I'm not hungry at all and can only eat twice a day.

It's just a good thing to know about the lack of need for carbs in case we face a crisis soon.

I see so many people say they've stored up rice and beans and those are high carb and just won't fill you up for long.  You'll be weak and hungry within a short time.

Fats and protein will fill you up and keep you from getting hungry for a long time.
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