AA meetings on hold
Sometimes I drink too much.  Not all the time, but every once in a while I'll start drinking and I'll do the all day slow drinking thing.  Not falling down drink, just mildly inebriated for half the day and I'll do this for weeks at a time (I'm retired).  Then I'll stop for months at a time because I know it's not healthy for me. 

Anyway, I started drinking again a few days ago after 6 months of not drinking.  My excuse was to help cope with chronic back pain. B.S. of course, I just like drinking.

I've never tried the AA thing so I thought I would give them a call to see about going to a meeting.  Maybe it'll make it easier. 

The lady who answered asked for my zip code and and checked.  She said there were no meetings in my area, they are all on hold because of Covid-19 restrictions. 

Think about that.  I can quit with some effort, but I know there are a lot of folks who can't.  If it's happening in my area, it's probably happening all over.  I'm sure other support groups are experiencing the same thing. 

Just how much collateral damage is our society suffering because of the coronavirus restrictions?  Makes you wonder.
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