USCCB Tells Us How To Love Our Neighbor

"One small way we can #LoveThyNeighbor is by observing local safety guidelines, wearing a mask, and practicing social distancing."

[An image of multi-colored and gendered people, all wearing masks, with the words superimposed among them: "Love thy Neighbor."]

All right, comrades, you heard 'em. Obedience!

Also, don't you dare try to receive Holy Communion kneeling and on the tongue, you wicked sinner who endangers your neighbors but can't end up in an otherwise empty hell (makes sense, don't ask questions): 

The FSSP tells us obedience is the key to this situation. The beautiful virtue of obedience, so beautiful, spoken of so highly by the doctors, mystics, and saints, will bring graces pouring into our souls, our world, and the souls in purgatory. [/Trumpian voice] The sacrifice of obedience and the spiritual death it entails are the greatest acts we can make.

I do not deny any of those principles intellectually, but honestly I have a hard time hearing it from FSSP priests and seminarians when they don't have to actually put up with this nonsense, nor do they have families to raise, children to educate and form, choices to make as to where to attend Mass and receive Sacraments. In other words, I'm being told to live a life of privations from people whose main worry in all of this is whether said bishop will turn against them (and in many cases, he won't because he understands the backlash may be too great to contain, so we can actually benefit from the bishop's softness!).

Can I please have some sense knocked into me here? -- Because I'm having a hard time staying cool headed while enduring it all, and I fear extremism creeping into my thinking just as it has swept over the world.
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