USCCB Tells Us How To Love Our Neighbor
(07-30-2020, 11:19 PM)piscis Wrote: I just heard a sermon recently where the FSSP priest said aloud that he could care less what the State says, but he is maintaining social distancing and other local mandates out of obedience to the bishop who has requested them. Yes, that is what he said.

I have a difficult time with this rubber-stamp authority approach. Superficially, one may think, "Well, wearing a mask and such cause no harm, are morally indifferent, so the bishop may demand them of us." And yet, are these truly morally indifferent? Are the consequences of them morally indifferent? Can we believe that with any degree of reasonableness or certitude? Can anyone honestly say that the effects of these bishops' actions have been morally indifferent and inconsequential? At what point do we prudentially decide that these bishops' orders are in fact evil, promoting evil, or complicit in it?

You know that priests are under the authority of their local bishops, right... And that bishops are under the authority of the Vatican who is under the Authority of the Pope. Its what has held the RCC together and prevented it from splitting off into tens of thousand other churches over disagreements over tiny pointless details.

Where i live the Churches have been shut down for almost 5 months and i am furious about it. I see the measures taken for covid as being a huge over reaction at the least and possibly nefarious at the worse. But I know its not the priests fault, it's probably not even the fault of our local bishop as im fairly sure they are all under the instruction of the Vatican
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