Prayer for a specific amount of money
I want to share/ask for advice regarding prayer for receiving miracolously,a set amount of money. There are some situations in my case:

)i need to buy e-books which I really need for study and for personal growth(excercise,helath),however my money isnt on any virtual format and I have no way to transfer it to paypal,etc, no bank account 
)the e-books are in the currency of dollars and i cant consider transferring my national currency into dollars.

I know "prospertiy gospel" is bad but this is a very minute and specific situation.Id like to buy these e-books for study and growth.i'll probably give alms once i get a job to even the odds,so to speak.If anyone's curious i need susbcritions to jstor(a website for papers),and other journal-publishing sites, and a couple of books about bodyweight excercise and speed development.

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