Prayer for a specific amount of money
It isn't sinful to pray for something that is morally licit and that you are in need of.  That would include praying for some kind of relief from financial problems or what is needed to pay for a necessary expense.  That said, how will coming into a bit of cash help if you can't get into a PayPal account or some other service that can do international transactions and such?  Do you have a bank near you, even one that might be a bit of a commute to get to?  Once you have set up the account and placed your funds in it, you can return home, set up a PayPal account, and link your bank account to it.  From there, making purchases of the kind you're describing isn't difficult.  I live in the United States and have bought items from Canada, the UK, and Australia, all without any need to change my American dollars into Canadian or Australian dollars, or to British pounds.  PayPal handles that part of the process.
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