Baptism - Water doesn't touch skin
Getting wrapped around the axle to a certain point makes the sacraments look like superstitious magic spells instead of a sign of God's grace.

It just seems like common sense, and the prevalence of the mercy of God that He would dispense the grace of baptism upon an innocent person seeking the sacrament, even if the technicalities of the celebration were inadvertently performed incorrectly.

Again: innovation and novelty cannot be tolerated. But honest mistakes should not invalidate the sacraments for others who are innocently receiving them.

Case in point, and this may be a bit crude, but: for years, how many priests who were guilty of abuse of minors still went on to hear confessions, and consecrate the Eucharist? I'd be almost certain that none of them were in a state of grace while doing so. We always hear of "consecrated hands, consecrated hands!" But sadly, how many of those "consecrated hands" which perhaps hours before were used to inappropriately touch some poor victim were then allowed by God to celebrate Mass and consecrate the Eucharist? Only theological gymnastics can justify the technicalities that this was still possible.

So honestly, to me, seen in this light, it's kind of small potatoes to worry about whether water only touched someone's hair and not their skin. It's a joke to think that God would deny the grace of baptism to an innocent baby or someone seeking it in good conscience because a drop of water didn't touch their skin. But He somehow allowed thousands of priests in a state of mortal sin to offer the sacraments to innocent faithful for who knows how long.
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