Baptism - Water doesn't touch skin
Perhaps some context will help.

It’s unlikely I would be inclined to even raise these sorts of concerns. My view is somewhat similar to LionHippo. I’ll start with an analogy to paint a picture of how I see this.

I’ve worked in manufacturing for most of my career and we used to have a QA manager who was happily procedural; He was good at what he did in so far as his job requires him to catch imperfections. Any deviation from protocol or process was his moment to shine and delighted on the opportunity to inform you of your deviation. My initial response was “this is great, this guy is going to help run a tight ship”……But that dissipated after a year.

Now, it would be true, if one wished, to point to the reality that I was the recipient of much of his work, as the residing manufacturing engineer I had to deal with most of his gripes and find a solution to them. And believe me, when I tell that I don’t mind one bit running a tight ship or running more efficiently; he wasn’t the first or last QA manager I had to work with. But this gentleman was different. His exaggerated vigilance had a negative effect with people out on the floor and therefore resulted in efficiency getting worse, not better. It caused the masses to question the steps they have been doing for 10+ years. Even here I did not mind too much as long as this was going in the direction of what is most efficient and cost-friendly. But in a matter of a year, he managed to get two types of people out on the floor. 1) Clones of himself. Who wouldn’t move a finger unless there was a checklist or confirmation of some sort. 2) People who despaired and quit. More of them fell under no. 2 and that became an obvious problem for us.

This very issue was raised by someone who is just like that QA manager but toward matters of the Church and I can tell you it has had a very similar effect with those around him. Not an exact analogy, but the psychology is certainly similar in that these sorts of people believe their response to these sorts of issues is synonymous to moving toward truth; when all it mostly does is breeds unhealthy fear and despair in some people. You see, what he doesn’t seem to understand is that how you implement things with real people AND the failure to understand that some people simply aren't apt to be that way and constantly exposing them to such an approach results in unfruitful outcomes.

So although these sorts of things matter and may not involve theological gymnastics; it can affect some people negatively and it’s not always helpful or good to regurgitate them to some people. They simply aren’t there yet spiritually. This isn’t to be confused with going toward a more lax approach to things either; we all know what comes of that and it's unfortunate if someone manages to interpret that out of what I noted.
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