Who are the Heralds of the Gospel and what are the TFP movement?
(10-05-2020, 02:31 AM)MagisterMusicae Wrote: "It's bound to stir the pot here to make distinctions like "regular traditional Catholic" versus "radical traditional Catholic.""

Not trying to stir the pot, however before I joined this form it was my understanding that Ms. Tracy is very much against what she calls toxic trads. A.K.A. radical trads. According to her link bellow she has a whole criteria of what she deems toxic trads.


I always understood radical traditional Catholics (in a perhaps over simplified definition), as ones who did not rejected the validity or licitly of Vatican II or the Novus Ordo, are extremely disrespectful to his Holiness Pope Francis. Where as a Radical Reformist would be a Catholic who embraces modernism and are cafeteria Catholics when it comes to Catholic Dogma especially certain parts of moral dogma. Where as radical trads lean towards schism, radical reformists lean towards heresy. To extreme on either side of the spectrum. 

As for me Pope Francis he is not my favorite Pope. I disagree with him on a lot of (but not all) of his discipline and pastoral teaching polices. However he is the Pope and even if I were not able to respect the man, I will respect his office. I am also not a huge fan of the Novus Ordo as I find it is typically done more irreverently than not. But I do not shun people who go to them or think they are invalid or illicit, and I think they can be done reverently and when it is does reverently I even enjoy it. 

However, my point in stating all of this and my original disclaimer is not to stir the pot, but while I am asking these questions on the TFP and Heralds of the Gospel (whom again I do not 100% understand, if they are good or bad), [I do not want to be marked as a radical traditionalist just by asking about these guys]. 

"I realize you're new here, so perhaps are not approaching a legitimate question in the best way—a question on the TFP is a legitimate and good one—but I did just want to preface a more detailed answer to your actual questions to help further good interactions on the forum."

It may be you are right. I only know 1 person in this group and even then, not as well as I would like, so I am trying to be cautious by making a disclaimer. Perhaps over cautious? (: I don't know. 

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