Who are the Heralds of the Gospel and what are the TFP movement?
MM summarized perfectly the entire situation envolving the TFP and the Heralds, not to mention that One Peter Five's article is quite good as well, though I would like to add something here and there.
Mgr. Dias spent his youth in the army, there's the reason behind all the militaristic references the Heralds have, such as marching boots, formations, tabards... though I hardly believe that the Brazilian army has any instruction on how to wash your hands, something the Heralds have. He also brought from his youth his love for all things medieval and the devotion towards Plínio and his mother, to the disturbing point where a Heralds' workshop was decorated with three or four images of Plínio's mother, two images of the Virgin, one of Plínio himself and two of Our Lord, one being repaired.
The accusations MM speak are rather severe, and even SSPX News mentions only a handful of them. What I've read and heard about, after all local media is more than happy to stir things up, goes from cases of heresy and cult mentality to racism and abuse. 

The only thing I'm against in 1P5's text is when they say that:
Maybe all this makes more sense culturally to right-wing Brazilians.

Honestly, it makes no sense to us.
There is a great prestige and admiration for the army and the military forces, but this... is something else.
Ite ad Ioseph
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