Pro-Papal States Saints and Martyrs
(11-02-2020, 11:36 PM)jovan66102 Wrote: You're calling Blessed Pius IX, Hammer of Heretics, who issued the Syllabus of Errors, who faced down the entire world when he said, '[It is a condemned proposition that] 80. The Roman Pontiff can, and ought to, reconcile himself, and come to terms with progress, liberalism and modern civilization.'- -Allocution “Jamdudum cernimus,” March 18, 1861, and who fought as long as he could to hold the Papal States, a 'weak Pope'? ROTFLMAO!!!

A weak temporal leader and Sovereign of Papal States, yes. 

I don't understand how anyone could consider someone a "strong" leader if he loses 100% of his country's land and population to a foreign nation. And the fact that his successors were only able to recover less than 1% of the Papal States (Vatican City State) goes to show how destructive Pius IX's loss was. Temporally, he was a LOSER who should have resigned in disgrace. I don't know how he lived with himself after such a massive defeat. Many a heads of state have resigned and drunk themselves to death in exile over lesser losses. Pope Pius IX seemed to be a very good Pope when it came to spiritual matters, though.

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