Pro-Papal States Saints and Martyrs
(11-05-2020, 09:05 PM)MaryLover Wrote:
(11-04-2020, 04:21 PM)Ioannes_L Wrote: The Protestant mercenaries who sacked Rome in 1527 commited most their attrocities fueled by their rage against the Papacy and the Catholic Faith, so in this case you can say this was done in odium fidei, even so I hardly believe there's any case of beatification of any victim of this period.
Interesting, I wonder why that is?

No clue.
This sack of Rome was made against the faith, churches were robbed, priests were attacked, they brought horses and low-life women to desacrate the new and unfinished St. Peter's basilica... these Germans were quite eager to reproduce what their forefathers did to the dying Roman Empire centuries before. It's interesting that there's no movement for any beatification, not even for those brave Swiss guards who stood in position and died to save the Pope.
But in the end this is the work of Providence, if a cult died after a while or never fully developed the Holy See didn't pushed forward... that's why they waited for at least 50+ years before analysing most of the causes of saints, not 5-10 years like nowadays.
Ite ad Ioseph
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