in the making of Nugat for christmas

As I'm thinking for small food gifts to give to my extended family and neighbour for christmas, this year I want to make nugat. I requires 'azyme bread' as the base, then the nougat mixture, then the azyme bread again. 

From my reasearch, azyme bread can be jewish style. It is like a soda cracker, not what I am looking for. I want the azyme bread - required for nugat - as the bread we receive for cummunion. 

I have this bread available in groceries, but they have the round holes in them (sort of left overs use from priest). So I figured it could try making my own for nougat only (not making my own communion eucharistic bread lol - never ) 

Has any one cooked this type of bread before? (tips, receipes, etc.) 

Or any bake goods ideas to give for the holidays?


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