What’s the proper way to dispose of Protestant materials?
(11-25-2020, 01:01 AM)Justin Tertius Wrote: So I have gone through and disposed of my Protestant bibles. I see that there is not a way to justify that. But, still, I would like further clarification. 

I have several other books which have been placed on the Index. Some of that, I will probably be getting rid of, like my old copies of Voltaire and Nietzsche. But other things seem a little bit more difficult to understand the reasoning (not that I am opposed, I am not arguing against anyone, just seeking clarification.) 

For example, I have some of Dumas' novels, I have Pascal's Pensees, I have Milton's Paradise Lost. I even think a novel by Graham Greene I possess was on the Index. Are all of these books supposed to be removed from my library? Again, if the answer is yes (and I will ask my parish priest about it) then I will, but I just want to know. I'm not trying to be disobedient to the Church, but I also don't want to scruple over motes. Trying to find the sane balance.
The Index placed all sorts of books on the forbidden list for a variety of reasons. Including spelling and grammatical errors. It is not necessary to get rid of these books unless they are causing great damage to your soul.
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