Offer no resistance to one who is evil...
(11-18-2020, 09:29 AM)SacraCor714 Wrote: So, I was reading Matthew this morning and came across the part where Christ tells his followers to “offer no resistance to one who is evil. If one strikes you on your right cheek, offer him also your left.“ This got me to thinking, especially in light of our current circumstances in the world, what does this really mean? Is the Christian idea of justice that we should not resist evil and let it overtake us completely, because we are not meant for this world anyway, and our award and ultimate destiny is heaven? Are we to Willingly submit to evil and death in this world in order to make it to heaven faster? Are we  to willingly offer up our innocent children and our families to the grasp of evil and martyrdom in order to quickly advance to the kingdom of heaven? Are we not supposed to live comfortably in this world, so let’s die and get to heaven as quickly as we can? 

Seems like a harsh reality to me. 

So if antifa shows up to my door ready to murder my child and my family, I should just submit to them and offer no resistance?

I vaguely remember something in a college religion course about people only using a backhand slap inferiors, and offering the other cheek meant the person was also being defiant.  That course was taught by someone who I would now consider the equivalent of a female James Martin, so I also wouldn’t consider it too orthodox before doing more research.

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