Looking for info on the Via Francigena.
This has caught my interest recently.  A 2200km pilgrimage from Canterbury, England to Rome. 

I've been to a few websites and watched a few videos, but the information isn't as detailed as the Camino or the major long trails.  Some folks just do a portion of it.  A popular one seems to be from Assisi to Rome, I think about 150 km.  I think an Italian only walk, from St. Bernard Pass to Rome would be something to think about.  That's roughly 1000km.

I've done the Camino Frances and thru-hiked the AT, but my bad back took me off the Arizona Trail. 

For me, the Camino was something special because it was a pilgrimage.  Highly recommended if you ever get the chance.

Does anyone have any info on the Via Francigena?
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