"I recently attended my first Latin Mass. It didn’t go well."
Pandora Wrote:I think you are conflating Beauty (capitalization intended) with "pretty-ness" or attractiveness. I'll agree with you that in that natural world especially, we all have preferences that we may find attractive that others do not. Some people may like soft voices, some may like sheer physical strength. There are things, though, that lack such physical qualities that that are beautiful. Parents sacrificing to care for children is beautiful. Soldiers fighting to protect their homeland is beautiful. Most of all, Christ dying on the Cross for our sins is beautiful. None of those things are attractive.

It may be a case of being from different cultures, but if God is the source and summit of all that is Good, Beautiful, and True (and He is), and you concede that there is objective truth and objective goodness, why do you maintain that is does not follow that there is also objective beauty?

I think what you are describing is better described by the word "dignity." We have rights given to us by God, and they are inherent in us for the sake of being human. Do we have these rights because of human beauty or human dignity?

I agree that the quality you are describing is objective. I just disagree that beauty is its best appellation.

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