Priest Points To Generational Spirits
Well, I suppose one may not run into such subjects as this one in the beginning of the thread, unless one digs deeply into the subject. It is not one commonly spoke of and the Protestants may have been delving into some of the information found deeper in Catholic circles, picked up on it and put a Charismatic's bent to it all and made a lot of emotional hay out of it. That is, as usual for them, rather counterproductive in the end.

Jesus castigated some 'followers' as not knowing them, despite their claims of casting out Demons in His name. Same today too, it would appear.

I have searched only a few noted Exorcist's books I have, and exorcists tend, it would seem, to deal with the subject, so they speak of it. Fr. Martin, Fr. Amorth are two that come to mind and as the article notes:

Quote:In the past, we’ve spoken to experts [emphasis mine] such as Father John Hampsch of California (who recently died at 94; his book shows the biblical basis) and Father Robert DeGrandis of Washington, D.C. (also now deceased). A while ago, we called another, Father Lou Cerulli of Montreal, who explained that there are just too many cases where recurring problems — divorce, alcoholism, financial problems, accidents — run in families. When a person dies, he believes, spirits that caused such problems or spiritual proclivities are passed on to the descendants.

There appear to be quite a few others as well.

If one had a very specific ailment, one would seek out a specialist, because thay study the unusual conditions that most practitioners do not and may not even be aware of. Not searching these sorts of practitioners out for such an ailment, and using a more common practitioner, may make the illness worse.

Perhaps this adage could be applicable in the 'Generational Spirits' condition as well?
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