Is it ever OK to attend a Novus Ordo Mass?
(11-25-2020, 06:40 PM)StancyJ Wrote: We live fairly remotely. We have a SSPX Mass once a month at a Mission 1 hour away. Our local Catholic Chirch has a very conservative Priest from Nigeria.  Is it ever OK to attend Mass their?

I attend to regular NO masses during the week at a parish that is a couple of minutes walk away from my home. Yes the masses are nothing like EF masses and homely is quite 'thin'. Still, I feel the call to go. I attend, when I can, an FSSP parish that is a longer commute (add to the complicated access to mass there due to Covid). But the thing that troubles me with this NO church is that there is no confession time! (I would rather go to confession at an FSSP parish... But still !?)

I used to read both NO and EF daily readings to compare the differences. I almost only read my EF missal now. Maybe that can be a good compromise for your familly. Even if I don't always attend physically EF mass, I know I can follow the readings of the traditional mass or listen to a beautiful sunday High mass online. 

You say you attend SSPX masses, maybe the answer would be different from someone coming from this community.

Do you or your familly notice any difference between the two types of masses?

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