Litanies Of Thanks
What better way to give thanks than by prayer. Here some good Litanies for Thanksgiving:

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Litanies Of Thanks
November 25, 2020 by sd
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“Remember the past with gratitude.  Live the present with enthusiasm.  Look forward to the future with confidence.” – St. John Paul II
“You ought to ask our Lord for just one thing, to love Him. All the rest should be thanksgiving.” – Saint Padre Pio
From Magnificat:
This is a day to thank God for all his many blessings in our lives. With gratitude we now say: We thank You, O Lord.
For the love of God, for faith, family, and friends: We thank You, O Lord.
For joys, successes, achievements, and accomplishments: We thank You, O Lord.
For health, safety, work, and rest: We thank You, O Lord.
For struggles, sorrows, trials, and sufferings: We thank You, O Lord.
For our jobs, for those who support us, for our education, and for the chance to serve: We thank You, O Lord.
For our gifts, talents, and abilities, for honors, for strength and energy: We thank You, O Lord.
For our homes, for food, warmth, and shelter, for all the things that have made us happy: We thank You, O Lord.
For our hobbies and pets, for happy memories, for our favorite things, for leisure and relaxation: We thank you, O Lord.
For our nation, for freedom and peace, for teachers, leaders, and those who give us good example: We thank You, O Lord.
For the ability to say “I’m sorry,” for the grace of repentance, for the forgiveness of others, for the generosity of others: We thank You, O Lord.
For good advice, for financial security, for the trust others put in us, for tenderness, understanding, and compassion: We thank you, O Lord.
For kindness, goodness, joy, and laughter, for the times we have helped others or made them happy: We thank You, O Lord.
For all the wonders of creation, for beauty, music, sports, and art, for new opportunities and second chances: We thank You, O Lord.
For failures and rejection, for all the ways we have grown up and become better people: We thank you, O Lord.
Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and will be forever. Amen.
Give thanks to the Lord Who is good.
God’s love is everlasting.
Come, let us praise God joyfully.
Let us come to God with thanksgiving.
For the good world; for things great and small, beautiful and awesome; for seen and
unseen splendors;
We thank You, Lord God.
For human life; for talking and moving and thinking together; for common hopes
and hardships shared from birth until our dying;
We thank You, Lord God.
For work to do and strength to work; for the comradeship of labor; for exchanges of
good humor and encouragement;
We thank You, Lord God.
For marriage; for the mystery and joy of flesh made one; for mutual forgiveness and
burdens shared; for secrets kept in love;
We thank You, Lord God.
For family; for living together and eating together; for family amusements and family
We thank You, Lord God.
For children; for their energy and curiosity; for their brave play and startling
frankness; for their sudden sympathies;
We thank You, Lord God.
For the young; for their high hopes; for their irreverence toward worn-out values; for
their search for freedom; for their solemn vows;
We thank You, Lord God.
For growing up and growing old; for wisdom deepened by experience; for rest in
leisure; and for time made precious by its passing;
We thank You, Lord God.
For Your help in times of doubt and sorrow; for healing our diseases; for preserving
us in temptation and danger;
We thank You, Lord God.
For the Church into which we have been called; for the good news we receive by
Word and Sacrament; for our life together in the Lord;
We praise You, Lord God.
For your Holy Spirit, who guides our steps and brings us gifts of faith and love; who
prays in us and prompts our grateful worship;
We praise You, Lord God.
Above all, O God, for your Son Jesus Christ, Who lived and died and lives again for
our salvation; for our hope in Him; and for the joy of serving Him; We thank and praise You, Eternal God, for all Your goodness to us.
Give thanks to the Lord, Who is good.
God’s Love is everlasting.
God Most High,
Before Your Son fed the multitudes, He first gave thanks.
Before He raised his friend Lazarus, He first gave thanks,
That all might know Your glory.
And so, as we are blessed to do Your works in the world,
That all, indeed, might know Your Glory
We thank You and praise You, O Lord.
For the grace to feed the poor …
v … we thank You and praise You, O Lord.
For the Grace to heal the sick …
v … we thank You and praise You, O Lord.
For the grace to lift up the broken …
v … we thank You and praise You, O Lord.
For the Grace to harbor the refugee …
v … we thank You and praise You, O Lord.
For the Grace to aid the endangered …
v … we thank You and praise You, O Lord.
For the Grace to be for the prisoner, the addict, the lost, the outcast,
the dying
What your son has been for us
A comfort, a beacon, a shepherd, a rabbi, a healer, a hope
The salt of the earth, the light of the world …
v … we thank You and praise You, O Lord.

Gospel Acclamation: In all circumstances, give thanks, for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus.
Response: In gratitude and praise, O God
For every breath that I take for granted…
For every moment of insight and inspiration…
For every conversation that leads to reconciliation…
For every kind word that offers healing…
For every unexpected encounter of friendship…
For every morning of prayer that leads to gratitude…
For every child that is surrounded with emotional safety and love…
For every person who works in a field or factory to bring us food…
For every grandparent that tells the tales of the past…
For every leader that knows new possibilities…
For every teacher who reveals creativity and wonder…
For every worker who betters the landscape of our lives…
For every moment we realize that we cannot control life and outcomes…
For every sentence that is whispered against violence…
For every meal that is served among people who do not have the basics of life…
For every glass of milk that is offered to a child who goes thirsty…
For every family table that brings forgiveness…
For every shelter that houses people from the cold and violent streets…
For every word that harvests peace within us…
For every act of faith that reveals hope to the marginalized…
For every encounter with a stranger that harvests thanksgiving…
For every morning where peace is real and not taken for granted…
For every possession and a life of simplicity…
For every moment of prayer…
For every act of hope…
For every breath today…
Happy Thanksgiving,
Fr. Ron
To look toward another bountiful year
We thank you, Lord, for food and friends
And for all of the joy this holiday lends;
It’s Thanksgiving Day and we can see
The blessings you’ve provided our family.
Thanks to you, Lord, for another good year;
When you watch over us, there’s nothing to fear.
Unite us Lord, and free us from all deception
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